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Ultimate Hockey Training

UHT Bonuses

  1. Movement Preparation for Hockey from Sean Skahan
  2. Metabolic Circuits for Hockey Conditioning from David Lasnier
  3. Unstable Surface Training for Hockey from Eric Cressey
  4. Goalie Stretch Solution from Maria Mountain (Updated version of ‘Ultimate Goalie Warm-Up’)
    1. Goalie Stretch Solution PDF
    2. Goalie Stretch Solution Video
  5. How to Think Like a Player from Kim McCullough
  6. 7 Exercises to Fend Off Hip Injuries from Rick Kaselj
  7. The Weingroff Interrogation with Charlie Weingroff

Ultimate Hockey Nutrition

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– Mike Boyle, Head S&C Coach, US Women’s Olympic Team

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– Brijesh Patel, Head S&C Coach, Quinnipiac University