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I’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that Ultimate Hockey Training is the most complete hockey training resource ever created, and I 100% guarantee that any player using the system will make incredible improvements. But even a “perfect” training program can be undermined by poor quality nutrition habits.

This isn’t just a training issue. Hockey players have a long, grueling schedule and if the goal is to perform at a high level throughout the entire season, it’s important that you’re fueling your body to do so!

Purposeful nutrition is the most widely recognized, but least practiced aspect of peak hockey performance. In other words, every player and coach recognizes the importance nutrition plays in providing players with the energy they need to be successful on the ice and with their training, and the nutrients they need to recover quickly follow all efforts, but very few actually implement any strategic plan.

It’s not hard to see why. The amount of circulating misinformation about nutrition is overwhelming; it’s hard to know what actually works and what is just another unscrupulous marketer’s attempt at selling a dangerously bad “diet” or product. And finding quality information specific to hockey is nearly impossible.

…at least it was…

Introducing Ultimate Hockey Nutrition!

My friend, and world-renowned Sports Nutritionist Brian St. Pierre has custom-written a hockey nutrition blueprint that provides EVERYTHING a hockey player, parent, or coach would ever need to successfully build a high performance diet!

Ultimate Hockey Nutrition includes:

  • A breakdown of how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need in your diet
  • 10 easy-to-follow principles of successful hockey nutrition
  • A comprehensive list of food choices categorized as “Great”, “Good”, or “Poor”
  • 9 Meal Preparation Tips and Ideas to make healthy eating even easier
  • A sample Grocery List for quick, effective shopping
  • The Truth About Cholesterol
  • Organic vs. Conventional Produce: Is it worth the money?
  • Tips for vegetarian players
  • 5 Essential Supplements for ALL players (not what you think)
  • Recommendations on performance enhancing supplements that ACTUALLY work!
  • Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition Recommendations
  • How to personalize your plan

Brian left no stone unturned in Ultimate Hockey Nutrition. See, not only is Brian a brilliant nutritionist, but he also played competitive hockey. In other words, he’s not just the “scientist”, he’s actually competed on the ice and knows what it takes for players to succeed at high levels. His recommendations aren’t theoretical, they’re practical. Ultimate Hockey Nutrition even includes a delicious list of high performance meal recipes with ingredients, cooking instructions, and nutrition information:

  • 3 Breakfast Meals
  • 6 Lunch and Dinner Meals
  • 3 Post-Training Meals
  • 6 Quick and Easy Snacks
  • 8 Super Smoothie Recipes (We give two of these to our athletes at Endeavor and they all LOVE them)

All of this is terrific, but the truth is that hockey players rarely get to eat under ideal circumstances. Tournament schedules, road trips, and busy schedules make high performance eating incredibly difficult for most players. In addition to providing travel-friendly “Quick and Easy Snacks” and “Super Smoothie Recipes”, Brian has compiled sample meal plans for players at different ages in different circumstances:

Junior High Player Meal Package

  • Practice Meal Plan
  • Game Meal Plan
  • Home Tournament Meal Plan
  • Road Tournament Meal Plan

High School Player Meal Package

  • Practice Meal Plan
  • Game Meal Plan
  • Home Tournament Meal Plan
  • Road Tournament Meal Plan

College Player Meal Package

  • Practice Meal Plan
  • Game Meal Plan
  • Road Tournament Meal Plan

These aren’t just pre-game meals. These plans include recipes and nutrition information for EVERY meal of the day, so you can maximize both your performance AND your recovery. And because Ultimate Hockey Nutrition is delivered to you digitally, it’ll be available for instant download as soon as your order is processed, so you can start benefiting from the information immediately!

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